What you should know about IST Teachers:

  • Qualified – they’ve been interviewed by IST and their references have been vetted.
  • Available immediately – to teach in any location; for periods between a month to a year.
  • Experienced – We have teachers on record who teach any grade from Kindergarten through to Year 12; any subject taught in an international school; across a wide range of curricula including US, Australian, British, Canadian and International Baccalaureate curricula.
  • Varied – they come from multinational backgrounds and often have prior experience working at international schools.
  • Unique – like us, they are travelers who are intrepid, independent and enthusiastic – that is, skilled at assimilating quickly into new cultures.

What you should know about IST Schools:

  • Committed – despite unforeseen circumstances IST schools maintain high educational standards by hiring experienced, adaptable teachers.
  • Selective – schools rely on our robust recruitment practises and can make rapid decisions, based on IST's wholistic, objective portrait of each candidate.
  • Competitive – teachers are offered salary packages which value experience.
  • Pragmatic – facilitation of accommodation and payment of airfare costs at the beginning and end of a teacher posting ensures rapid placement of a qualified teacher.


Objective Transparency

IST's co-founders and staff have substantial experience in recruiting and evaluating teachers.

We have been teachers, administrators, counsellors and parents at international schools in 15 countries.

IST promises that the information you receive about IST's teachers is both objective and transparent.

IST's priority is to ensure that your students suffer minimal disruption when a teacher is unavoidably absent.


IST's interview process and referee checks were designed to ensure that our registration process meets the most demanding standards of any elite international school.

Our IST Managers are highly valued for their substantial experience with international school recruitment processes.
  • Vetted – our interviewers call a minimum of 2 referees per candidate to validate and clarify the candidate's abilities and qualifications
  • Interviewed – IST interviews each and every teacher we work with to objectively asses not only their experience, but their ability to bridge cultures in a flexible and adaptable manner.
  • Qualified – IST selects teachers who are a good match for your vacancy. Their experience and adaptability ensures that their teaching style will be a good fit with your school culture.
  • Independent – IST teachers typically expect to be teaching immediately on arrival at your school. They do expect accommodation and transportation to the school and value any assistance given to help them settle into the school culture. Most importantly, IST teachers are adept at settling in quickly to a new country. They are innovative and adapt rapidly in order to meet the needs of their students.


Written report

We have collectively pooled our years of teaching and recruitment experience to design a unique process which elicits information specific to the requirements of substitute teaching in International Schools.

From our interviews, and information gathered from referees, we produce a written report on each teacher. This report provides an objective assessment of each teacher’s professional skills.

We share those reports with you to minimise the time you spend selecting a suitable candidate.


We give priority to schools that genuinely require and are recruiting substitute or emergency teachers.

We recommend registering with us before you have a requirement, so that when you do, the request receives our immediate attention.

Registering early ensures that we have all the information needed to rapidly process any future teacher requests.


Within a week

IST maintains the highest possible standard of service; it is not unreasonable that you can hire an IST qualified substitute teacher within a week.

Moreover, because we are a reputable agency that has established relationships with both teachers and schools, we have a complete register of high quality, experienced teachers across all curricular areas and age groups.

A good match

We match your requirements with an IST registered teacher so that you don’t have to take time to interview and run referee checks.

All you need to do is select the best fit candidate from the teacher dossiers we send to you.


IST Registration Fees

  • All schools that wish to use IST’s service are required to first register with IST.
  • This entails filling in our Application Form and making payment of a Registration Fee (UK 239 or UK 299 pounds for an immediate registration combined with a teacher request).
  • Once registered, you will have access to your own personal online service where you can request and then select teachers who are a best fit for your school.

Subsequent Fees

IST charges a placement fee equivalent to 14% of the teacher's gross monthly salary for the duration of their placement. This fee is paid in full at the beginning of the placement.

After you have recruited a teacher with IST, any subsequent requests to recruit a teacher entail a UK 150 pound search fee. The search fee is subsequently deducted from the IST placement fee when an IST teacher is hired.

Payment Procedure

You can transfer the payment to our account, request an e-invoice for online payment, or use our secure online payment page.

Paying your registration fee ensures that you have priority – so that when you make a request, we act on it straight away.


The IST Registration and Teacher Request process is quick and simple!