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When asked how they rated their overall experiences, 98% of our IST teachers found the experience professionally and personally rewarding. Clearly our screening procedures for schools are effective!

I would like to say a very big and belated thank-you to you both. As you would understand I've been very busy and am still in shock that just over 3 weeks ago I had no idea where Medan was, and now, thanks to you both, I'm living and teaching here. It was great arriving at Medan airport and having all of the staff from Medan International School there to welcome me, complete with flowers. Thank-you for helping me secure this opportunity.

Everything went smoothly. We were taken to our accommodation which was well supplied. Anything extra we needed was provided for us. The people were friendly and accommodating

Professionally rewarding, open, friendly students. Friendly staff, too, willing to help with problems or resources. My job has remained very much true to the job description. You are treated like a professional and allowed to get on with the task of teaching.

Excellent. Introduced me to International Education, allowed me the freedom to implement curriculum priorities, involved me in decision making and curriculum planning, friendly staff, opportunity for delivering staff in service on Gifted Education.

I thoroughly enjoyed the international school experience and would be interested in a different country.

Comments on IST’s services tend to be boringly uniform – our teachers agree that our services are excellent! We’ve included just a few comments here as they do become repetitive!

Excellent services – information on school was good – everything covered.

Excellent. I needed to make a quick decision and had to ask a couple of quick questions. IST Appears to have virtually a 24 hr e-mail monitoring, so answers back very quickly. I’m also impressed by the hoops that I needed to jump through in order to sign up.

Excellent. Constant communication while waiting for a post. Good information about the schools provided.

Excellent. Efficient, friendly and run by people who understand international teaching well.

All of the questions I have had concerning conditions of the contract offered have been answered quickly. I haven’t had a problem during a contract but I feel that if a problem arose I would receive support from the agency as needed.


IST's Teachers

We are always relieved when an IST teacher returns to us at the end of a posting - many of our teachers are tempted away from us by their IST schools! We try very hard to be genuinely pleased that both schools and teachers were so well matched!

Joycelyn's Performance has been excellent. She worked within a difficult year group both in the area of staff personalities and with a very complex group of children with learning difficulties. She has also participated fully in all aspects of school life with enthusiasm.

She was an experienced IB Teacher and was able to start teaching full-time the day she arrived in Basel. We would definitely employ her again – she was a real asset to the School.

I would wholeheartedly support Liz as a supply teacher for international schools. She has done a wonderful job for us. My only regret is that I couldn’t convince here to stay for a permanent contract. Liz goes with the best wishes and thanks of our whole school community.

We are very sad to be losing Jennifer . We have tried to persuade her to stay!

Andrea is a first class “parachute” teacher!! We were desperate for someone to fill the role that she has taken, and were initially rather concerned that we might experience the difficulties we had had with previous supply teachers. However, within days she had shown her mettle and became a relaxed member of the school’s teaching and learning community. She has always been thoroughly professional in her approach to her work, the students, and her colleagues. We would take her back in an instant!!! We are all very grateful for the time that she has spent with us, and hope that she has experienced some “joy” from being with us!

Excellent. Jan has quickly settled into the routines of the School and established good relationships within the class. Very flexible, adaptable, willing, sociable. Clear thinking.

Excellent—timely, accurate, professional, and most helpful. Who else really provides this kind of available, screened, and qualified professionals ready to roll?

Liz is a very gifted teacher. She relates well to both pupils and staff and though in this placement she has had limited contact with parents, I have no doubt that she would be similarly skilled in her dealings with them. Her planning and classroom management are excellent. Her lessons have been well received and she has worked hard to ensure that pupils’ work is well displayed.

Geoff settled quickly into the school and took his responsibilities seriously. His colleagues in the Mathematics department appreciated his flexibility and willingness to fit in. While maintaining very good classroom management skills, he interacted in a friendly, warm and supportive manner with students.

Excellent. The service provided was very good, and response was immediate. I really was able to stop worrying about what had initially felt like a disaster (not having a teacher for the start of the academic year), and resulted in a wonderful experience for the school with the appointment of Derek. Knowing that the teachers that were forwarded to me would be available should I select them was very reassuring. Also it is great to feel that such an emergency does not have to be (in fact with your services it is not) a disaster.

Excellent. Because of the personal service, quality candidates, and no wasting time. You are so dependable.

IST listened to our needs and found the perfect candidate for the position. Will you use IST to fill another emergency vacancy at your school? Why? Absolutely – It’s very convenient as well as reliable.