When a permanent teacher is suddenly and unavoidably absent, IST can immediately provide qualified, experienced teaching staff. This ensures that a consistent standard of education continues to be delivered at reputable international schools.

IST teachers are available to travel immediately, to fill any short to medium term emergency vacancy.

IST is the only agency with an extensive register of carefully selected, highly qualified and experienced international substitute teachers.
Each teacher is exposed to a rigorous IST recruitment process which is both robust and selective.

From the recruitment process, an objective assessment is made of each applicant, based on criteria that address the specific needs of long -erm substitute teachers in an international context.

Access to IST dossiers ensures that International Schools can avoid a lengthy recruitment process and easily select the most suitable candidate for their emergency vacancy.


Jenni Bricknell Co-founder and Director, IST Australian

Jenni Bricknell
Co-founder and Director

Jenni is responsible for the overall operations of IST including:

  • Ensuring that the best possible match is made between schools and teachers for all emergency vacancies
  • Working with IST Managers who are responsible for the recruitment of IST's teachers

Jenni has worked in fields related to international education in eleven countries. Her experience includes teaching ( IB , US, UK, Australian curricula), administration, staff recruitment, curriculum design and education policy development.

Jenni co-founded IST to guarantee access for International Schools to a ready pool of experienced substitute teachers.

Lynette Fisher Co-founder IST/Retired British

Lynette Fisher

Lynette taught in international schools in six countries and worked in curriculum design in the UK. She worked with local government in the UK to provide career counseling, work experience and job placement services for students.

As a parent and teacher, Lynette was very familiar with both the joys and the difficulties a nomadic lifestyle can provide.

As a trailing spouse on the international circuit, she also knew that there was a strong pool of qualified teachers who would be very willing to step in and cover emergency short term positions in International Schools.

Lynette co-founded IST to ensure that children do not suffer unnecessary disruption when their permanent teacher is suddenly and unavoidably absent.

In 1999, Lynette Fisher and Jenni Bricknell identified a market need for qualified teachers who could be placed in schools as substitute teachers in emergency situations.

As international educators and administrators they also knew that there was a strong "pool" of qualified teachers who, for a variety of personal reasons, would be free to take on emergency postings with very little notice.