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What kind of international school can I expect to teach in?

  • IST selects established, international schools with good reputations for academic standards and employment conditions.
  • IST recruits for ALL grade levels in schools which follow a variety of curricula, including British, American and the International Baccalaureate.
  • International school students include children from expatriate families and local children who wish to gain internationally accepted qualifications.
  • IST carefully selects the schools to ensure that your teaching experience is professionally and personally rewarding.

What are the employment conditions like?

  • You will not lose money on an IST posting! You will be able to live well, travel and/or save money! Actual salaries and conditions vary from country to country and are dependent on cost of living
  • The international school will pay for transportation to and from the posting and may subsidise rental costs during the contractual period.
  • Some schools will also pay cost of living allowances and/or provide exemption from local tax laws.
  • All schools will provide health cover whilst you are working with them
  • Most contracts are from 6 weeks to 12 months in length.

What are the requirements for joining IST's Register of supply/substitute teachers?

  • You need to be a qualified teacher with at least two year's full time teaching experience
  • You need to provide three referees who can comment on your classroom practice
  • You must have the flexibility to travel at short notice and without dependants for periods of between one and ten months.
  • Most importantly, you need to enjoy exploring, living and working in new countries and cultures.

How do I register with IST?

You may fill in the application online or download the application form as a Word document and e-mail/fax it to us.

  • A one-off, non-refundable registration fee of £35 (US$75) must be paid when you submit your application form.
  • The fee covers clerical costs, review and verification of your references and qualifications and promotion of your qualifications
  • There will be no further fees to supply/substitute teachers upon taking up a position overseas.

What happens next?

IST will send you a receipt for your registration fee together with a copy of the IST referee form. This form is to be forwarded to three referees who can comment in detail on your professional performance both inside and outside the classroom.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your three referee reports are sent in a timely fashion to IST.
  • IST will not “chase up” your referees or contact you to ask why they have not arrived. We WILL respond promptly to any e-mail requesting information regarding the status of your application!

When all three reports are received, IST will contact your referees before arranging an interview date with you.

  • This process can take up to three weeks depending on the availability of your referees.
  • IST will need certified copies of university diplomas, teaching certificates etc. by your interview date.

After the interview IST will confirm your placement on the Register of supply/substitute teachers. This may take up to two to three weeks.

  • Please note that neither payment of the registration fee nor your interview with us guarantees acceptance onto the IST register of teachers.
  • Your acceptance will be determined by the quality of your application, your referee reports and your interview.
  • How will IST contact me regarding emergency vacancies?

    When an international school contacts us for a supply/substitute teacher, we will match your Teachers are matched to positionsqualifications with their needs.

    • Should you qualify we will provide you with full details of the appointment, the school and employment conditions
    • You will be asked to confirm within 3 days if you are prepared to accept the position should it be offered to you.

    Upon receiving this confirmation we will send your IST dossier to the international school.

    • The school may contact you personally at this stage before making their final choice.

    Once the school has agreed that they will employ you for the position, they will contact you to confirm the final arrangements for your travel to the school. IST's involvement in arranging your placement will end at this point.

    What happens at the end of my placement?

    IST will contact you for feedback on your placement and to confirm your continuing availability.

    Do remember that this type of substitute work is very unpredictable!

    We will do our utmost to ensure that you are placed in a school, but cannot guarantee work.

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