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IST Fees

IST Registration Fees

A non-refundable annual registration fee of £239 (US$490) must be paid when you submit your application form. This fee can be paid online or by direct bank transfer.

  • International schools registering when they require a international supply/substitute teacher/s must pay a higher registration fee of £299 (US$600). This higher registration fee covers the additional costs of processing the school's application together with the teacher request.

IST Placement Fees

IST charges a placement fee of 14% of the gross IST international supply/substitute teacher's salary.

IST Search Fees

Payment of the registration fee entitles you to one free request for an IST international supply/substitute teacher.

  • A search fee of £150 ( US$310) will apply to every subsequent teacher request. This fee is reimbursed out of IST's placement fee when a international school agrees to hire an IST teacher.
  • This fee must be submitted with the IST Teacher Request Form and will be refunded if IST does not have a teacher who meets the characteristics outlined in the Request Form.
  • International schools will have a maximum of one week after receiving IST dossiers to reserve a teacher. If they are unable to select a teacher within that time frame, IST cannot guarantee the continued availability of teachers. There will be no refund of the Search fee if teachers are no longer available after this time period.

The IST Registration and Teacher Request process is quick and simple!

  1. Complete the registration form and pay the registration fee. This can be done online or by downloading the form and e-mailing it to us.
  2. On receipt of your registration fee we will send you a Teacher Request Form. This form asks for details regarding the length of placement, the type of vacancy and conditions of service.
  3. On receipt of the completed Teacher Request Form we will send you a teacher dossier on each teacher who meets your specifications. Note that these teachers are all able to take up the assignment with your school immediately. This usually takes around three working days.
  4. On receipt of the teacher dossiers , you have one week in which to chose a teacher. During this week, the teachers are reserved for your school only. After one week, all IST teachers are free to apply to other IST positions.
  5. IST will provide you with the contact details of the teacher if you wish to interview them yourself. e have already interviewed and run reference checks but you are also welcome to contact the teacher and interview them yourself. We will then invoice you for our placement fees. The placement fees for the full posting must be paid at the beginning of the posting.
  6. IST's involvement in the placement ends at this point. At the end of the posting we will contact you and the teacher for feedback on our service and on the posting.
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