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High quality teachers on hand

IST is the only agency with an extensive register of carefully selected, highly qualified and experienced international substitute teachers. IST teachers are ALWAYS available to travel immediately, to fill any short to medium term emergency vacancy.

IST specialises in international substitute teacher recruitment. Our extensive experience in staff recruitment ensures that our registration process is more selective than most international school interview panels!

What kind of international substitute teacher can I expect?

  • IST's teachers are multinational with experience in a wide range of curricula including British, American and the International Baccalaureate.
  • IST's teachers cover all grade levels and subject areas.
  • IST's teachers are skilled in adapting rapidly to new international school cultures.
  • IST's teachers are travelers- intrepid, independent and enthusiastic!

How does IST guarantee quality?

  • IST is the only agency who interviews EACH candidate! Our interviews objectively assess a teacher's experience, flexibility and adaptability.
  • IST is the only agency who SPEAKS with a minimum of two referees in order to further validate and clarify the candidate's references.
  • IST verifies each teacher's qualifications and runs standard checks with relevant teacher registration authorities.
  • IST only accepts certified, experienced substitute teachers who are highly skilled in adapting to a wide variety of educational environments.
  • IST's Referee's Forms are unique! They are designed to elicit specific information from referees regarding a teacher's suitability for a positionExperienced teachers who are highly skilled as an international substitute teacher.
  • Finally, IST provides a written report which provides an objective, CRITERION based assessment of each teacher's particular strengths.

What kind of international schools register with IST?

IST international schools are committed to:

  • maintaining high standards, regardless of the emergency leave situations that inevitably arise throughout the academic year.
  • providing IST teachers with professional salary packages, including accommodation and transport at the beginning and end of the posting.

How does IST prioritise international school requests?

IST is committed to ensuring that schools who are in genuine need of an emergency teacher, are not disadvantaged by schools who are 'just looking' and/or are not in urgent need of an IST teacher. Our fee structure has been designed to ensure that every IST registered international school receives prompt access to IST's registered teachers.

Our fees comprise:

  • a registration fee to ensure that IST registered schools receive priority when requesting teachers.
  • a search fee for the second and subsequent teacher requests. This fee is deducted from the IST placement fee when an IST teacher is hired and isn't an additional charge.
  • a monthly placement fee of 14% of the teacher's salary

How to get the most out of IST services

  • We pride ourselves on offering a quality service so when you do contact us with an emergency request, be prepared to hire an IST international substitute teacher within the week!
  • If you have not already registered with us, we would encourage you to do so before an emergency vacancy occurs. This entitles you to a lower registration fee and ensures that your request will be prioritised for immediate attention.
  • IST ALWAYS has a complete register of high quality, experienced teachers across all curricular areas and age groups. Don't ask us if we have a teacher - request a teacher!

And finally, please help us in our recruitment of quality teachers. If you have outstanding teachers amongst your staff, we would be grateful if you would forward our contact details.

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International Supply Teachers
International Supply Teachers

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