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About IST

International Supply Teachers (IST) is dedicated to providing one service only - quality emergency substitute teachers for reputable international schools.

A unique concept in international education, the establishment of IST is a logical progression in the careers of its two founders - Lynette Fisher and Jenni Bricknell.

Both have worked on all four continents in a variety of roles including teaching, administration, curriculum design and policy development.

Lynette Fisher Lynette Fisher has taught and worked in curriculum design in the UK and in international schools in six countries.

She has also worked with local government in the UK; providing career counseling, work experience and job placement services for students.

As a parent and teacher, Lynette is very familiar with both the joys and the difficulties a nomadic lifestyle can provide.

Lynette co-founded IST to ensure that children do not suffer unnecessary disruption when their permanent teacher is suddenly and unavoidably absent.

Jenni BricknellJenni Bricknell has worked in fields related to international education in ten countries.

As a typical "third culture kid" her international experience includes teaching, business and school administration, curriculum design and education policy development.

Jenni has also worked as a consultant on establishing new international schools for ECIS (European Council for International Schools).

She co-founded IST to give international schools the guarantee that they will always have access to experienced substitute teachers.

As an ECIS member, IST exhibits regularly at major ECIS events. These conferences are your best chance of meeting Jenni, Lynette and our IST managers.

Much to our mutual regret, we are rarely in the same country at the same time!

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